Posted in January 2012

Wonderlic Scores In a Scouting Report?

Should the Wonderlic Scores of the opposing NFL team be a part of the scouting report?  Does it make sense to know who can run with you mentally?  Tom Coughlin, Head Coach of the New York Giants thinks this an important detail.  While there are many details that are important the New York Giants quarterbacks’ … Continue reading

Wonderlic Scores for NFL Playoffs

Have you wondered what the NFL QB Wonderlic Scores are of the remaining quarterbacks playing this weekend? Tom Brady Wonderlic Score 33 vs. Tim Tebow Wonderlic Score 22 Alex Smith Wonderlic Score 40 vs Drew Brees Wonderlic Score 28 Joe Flacco Wonderlic Score 27 vs. TJ Yates Wonderlic Score 29 Eli Manning Wonderlic Score 39 vs. Aaron … Continue reading